Tuesday, May 7, 2013

*Cuervo is home!

Well, to the dismay of most of my family and friends (except my sister :) I took a lot of flack last August for sending *Cuervo to spend some time with my sister.  But in my defence, my sister is in her late 60's and needed a really safe horse to ride to get back in the saddle.  I just couldn't think of a better horse for her so he went to stay with her.  She rode him some and then graciously decided that she just wasn't riding enough and that we should have him back, so a couple of weeks ago, *Cuervo arrived home - to much celebration!

So today, Anastasia and I took *Cuervo and *Serenade out to the look-out to make sure he was as good as ever and also for his steady company to help *Serenade get used to the large herd of cattle that are now living out on the range behind our farm.  *Cuervo was as wonderful as always and showed *Serenade that horses can actually MOVE the cows around, which she was glad to learn.  *Cuervo also showed her that it was not only fun, but downright pleasant to stand in belly deep water.  *Serenade only agreed to go up to her knees, but she saw the point to it, once she was in the water.

Hope you all are having fun riding!
Shelly in Summerland, BC Canada
Curly Standard Place

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  1. That was kind of you to loan Cuervo to your sister, and that must have been fun moving the cows! Love your pictures, as always.


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