Sunday, May 19, 2013


Today was the old stable buddy's came to visit us at home...

I was thinking about it a lot and couldn't wait until the day they would come to visit us...

It was perfect...the horses where all verry happy to see there friends again ....everything went looked like they still knew eachother....I believe so!

After they left...Cinderella has been calling her friends for 3 or 4 hourse...every 5 minutes....pffff so said!!!!
I will miss them, it was verry nice to see a couple of my stable buddy's again, we had a lot off fun!
I will go to visit them sometimes......

It was a perfect day but I am also a little said love to stay at home but also liked the stable, the buddys and our rides together...verry proud and happy that these people are my friends!!
ps...also the husband off the stables came on his motorcycle (iron horse haha)
to join our little party!!!!
thanks to all off my stable buddy´s !!!!!!!
will miss you
 marjolein overbosch
the netherlands


  1. What a nice visit you must have had, even though a little bittersweet. You can always ride over there to visit now and then.

  2. Hi Susan,
    Yes and I will visit them sometimes....(with your horse it's a 1 hour ride)

    The wetter was perfect, everything was perfect...I was verry happy they came for a visit!

    thanks for you message

    greetigns marjolein


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