Thursday, May 2, 2013

Seeing April Out

~Susan and Ah-D in Maine~




Well, April is just about at a close, so Terry and I decided to take our good ponies down onto the Marshall Pond trails again before the black flies hit us in May.  Remember, we have a non-bet going as to when those buggers are going to arrive in full force.  There are already a few floating here and there in the air, and I have a spot behind my left ear that is suspiciously itchy this morning...

The weather, well, we could not have asked for better; it was amazing.  We could have gone without the jackets at the beginning, but we of course needed them as we came back at dusk.  Our horses seemed to move right along.  Ah-D was quite jaunty.  I didn't get to ride last weekend; you know how it is in spring with all the yard work and other stuff you just have to get done outside of work.  There just  weren't enough hours in the day.  Monday was super busy at work for both Terry and I.  She is a vet, so I love hearing her amusing anecdotes about pets that come into the office with their sometimes crazy owners. I brushed about an 8' x 10' rug of hair out of Ah-D's coat before we left.

We stopped here and there along the way for snacks.  Well, at least the horses did anyway.  I am getting them acclimated to the grass a few minutes at a time.  They were eager for it, believe you me!

Ah-D was such a good boy! He moved along.  When Allie got too far behind (in his opinion), he stopped and waiting for him like good buddies do.  He is so personable and smart.  We only cantered a couple of times up small hills, because this was a relaxing after-work ride.

We did not get all the way to Marshall Pond (again) and we didn't care (again).

I may be able to fit in another ride before this weekend, when fellow RACer Laurie Lee and I travel to Vermont on a Rescue Curly mission, but if not, perhaps I will have the opportunity to ride a Curly of a Different Color then.  We are staying at Betsy Lirakis' Top O'The Hill Farm.  I am soooo looking forward to this trip!


  1. What a great riding partner!! Sounds like an awesome trip you have coming up - Enjoy!! My Mom and I are going on a road trip to Center Harbor in New Hampshire in a couple of weeks. I think we may travel pretty close to a few RACers!

  2. What???!!!! That is the next state over from Maine....

  3. Trust me if my Mom was a horse person we'd be knocking on your door!

  4. 2 hours 7 mins away according to mapquest, haha!

  5. From center harbor to you or from my house to you?

  6. I will try this again Susan, don't know where my post went but alas here we go again,, I really enjoyed the pictures and boy can you guys smile from ear to ear, Took our dog in to get spayed and had the vet check my hand while we were there and she said it was broke, Now Rainee feels better someone agreed with her so I can't argue about it anymore,,, I reallly do like your countryside and just love to read your stories, please keep up the good horsemanship and have a great week


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