Thursday, September 26, 2013

a buzzy week...

Now I have my pastern, i can train daly again with my lovely horses....
I will not bother you every day with pictures so i show you some different pictures about
last week....

we had a photoshoot, best pictures will follow later...

my youngest daughter ride a couple times a week with bucky but because he is so naughty I keep him on a rope (until i think she is experienced/good enough to keep him with her whene he want's run away or just do naughty again.

Now the pastern is still very heavy because he just laid out, I could just let her ride, without me holding the rope, Bucky can't go away because it is still too heavy for him, they both (Cinderella and bucky) can't run in the pastern, it is to heavy.. hahah thats a good workout!
maybe somebody can help me out with this problem??or do i just have to be patient??
Cinderella and i train also in the pastern but still can't do a lot so we have to go outside also...sometimes

Sometimes my pictures are small or big, i don't know why so sorry for that......
thanks for reading my story
greetings marjolein (the Netherlands)



  1. I think it works out just fine that your footing in the riding ring is heavy for now, because your daughter gets to ride Bucky by herself! :)


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