Monday, September 30, 2013

Foster George is out...

Unfortunately I have some bad news about our foster George.
At the end of July he had a huge abscess blown out and he was very lame for a couple of days. We treated it and we got the infection under control. However he developed a big crack at the corony band and it went from bad to worse. In the end the corner of the hoof and sole came off and it looked horrible. I kinda freaked out.
I had a lot of discussions about it with Curly Horse Rescue since he is not my horse. CHR decided I had to put him down.
But George was doing so well and not lame so I disagreed and contacted a specialist in Lexington KY.
The Dr. assured me he would be ok but it would take at least a year. So after debating back and forward with CHR we agreed I take over George and his vet/farrier care from here.
We kept treading him the best we can and so far he is doing very well. He is in a special boot but the new hoof is growing back so the boot is not fitting good anymore.
Yesterday a farrier recommended by vet came to look at him. he took pictures and measured every angle of his foot and right now he is making a custom shoe for him. Wednesday he will have it ready.
I will be on my way to TX to the ABCR convention but my husband will be there to get George ready.

So we have a long road ahead but so far so good. but no training for awhile for him.

I made a video but is is from last week.


  1. Kudos for sticking with George and giving him another chance!! Your horses are so lucky to have you : ) hope the new shoe does the trick for you and have fun at the convention!

  2. Wow, Marion, that's some absess! George is so lucky to have you. I wanted to offer a suggestion, that I hope is helpful. Diamond Rain has always had great feet, and a few weeks ago her owner visited and we rode up the mountain without problems. A week later we had the ferrier out, and then a week or so after that, a friend and I rode the horses to pasture leading some on the hand. That day, she had real problems with very big sharp gravel that had been newly laid on the riding trail. I do not know why they chose such a gravel for a riding trail, as it hurts horses with shoes too. Anyway, she had some problems and we were afraid of bruising, and had to stop the ride. She's been out to pasture since, with one or two light rides on sand in the roundpen to keep up her muscling. I noticed she was holding her tail to the side, and looked a bit cramped up, since that day. So, yesterday we had the chiropractor out, she checked Diamond out for blockages and found that in the very rear and also at the pole she had some blockage and worked it out, releasing it. Diamond looks more relaxed. It all started with the pain in the feet, and transported to the hind and front (possibly due to straining). She had also looked like she wanted to colic. Now, she looks a lot better, and will have another appointment in a month. It might be worth while to have George looked at (here they call them osteopathologist or something like that? :)

    1. Thank you, yes I did had a Chiropractor out, and he did somewhat better. But I recently meet a very nice Dr. Chiropractor at the convention and he is going to refer me to a better Chiropractor I hope ;-) But yes you are so right he is overcompensating his other foot and I can tell it is bothering him. But overall he is doing great.

  3. That video was unbelievable! You were brave to stick with George; how kind you are. I couldn't believe how he walked and trotted off at the end! I hope the custom shoe does the trick and helps him to continue to heal.


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