Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Husbands & Horses

by Denise Conroy in Michigan. =]

Oh goodness...do I love this time of year!! I know winter is coming, but what a way for the summer to leave us. Every day, the sun is shining, I just want to play hookie and head to the woods!!

ANYWAY - Tom has been wanting to ride Zig the past few weeks but his back was out, so it had to get adjusted and heal up til he was ready. Sunday was the day! We hooked up with another couple Sharon & Lyle and Sharon's twin sister Karen who owns the Albany Restaurant and hosted the EUP Hospice ride earlier. They are all horse folks from way back - rode since they were toddlers around here. =] It's always a blast since they know the area and all the cool trails. We just sit back and enjoy our guided rides!

Here are some pics from the day.

From left to right: Lyle, Sharon, Denise and Tom

This is a beautiful spot, which we haven't been through all summer due to traps being set.

Lyle on handsome Smoke. These two are quite entertaining....Smoke is a bit of a handful, but Lyle is so confident..he just smiles and remains calm through it all. =] This is a small inland lake, called Trout Lake. Tom says there are lots of fish there too!

The ladies coming up behind.

The lake off to the right.

Beautiful trails with some rolling hills...this is about 5 miles from our house.

More of the same.

Yep, and more. =]

Lyle, Tom and Sharon visiting.
Heading across the road to the big lake. Lake Huron.

My hubby Tom and his amazing steed Ziggy! Zig is 21 this year...and such a great trail horse.
I told Tom I think I need to ride him more often! =] He only gets ridden about a dozen times a year by Tom...such a shame! He is very much a one person type horse, and quite sensitive. 
So I pick and choose when I ride him.
Days when I am CALM. lol Zig and Tom are a match made in heaven. 
He says he will never ever have another horse like him. We have had him since he was 4 years old.

Not many pics of me and my hubby...but Karen got a nice one. =]

Hope you enjoyed our trip! We rode about 3 hours or maybe a bit more. The guys had a great time.
In fact, Tom says now that he knows the great exploring we do...he is coming more often. I've been telling him that for years!

Harold, hope you enjoy seeing a few men under saddle for a change. YOUR TURN!! =]


  1. Lovely post, Denise! I really enjoyed the pictures. You ride in such gorgeous country, and you have some great people to ride with, too.

  2. Yes this was a very good post Denise, really like the country side you have there,, Yes it is good to see Tom out riding with you, and I know what it is like to have a horse that can't be replaced, I have a feeling Curly boy will last me for the rest of my years, Nice picture of you and Tom and the horses look great too. Thanks for the ride

    1. almost forgot Denise, I have to admit I am kinda partial to the ladies, even in my old age,, HEHEHEHEHEE

  3. What a beautiful ride Denise! Beautiful scenery too. Ziggy is such a good boy too!


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