Monday, September 16, 2013

YS KUMO and friends for "Chevaux du Monde"

Hello to all the RAC-ers !
We had a show called "Chevaux du Monde (World's Horses)" yesterday at "La Roche Sur Yon", in a nice old Stud Farm. The goal of the show was to presents many breeds of horse from all around the world. There was Icelandic horses, Camargue ponies, Paint, Appaloosa, Spanish horses, Franches-Montagnes, many draft horses, Curlies, Barbs, Arabers, Miniatures Horses etc etc ! It was a beautifull day. And perhaps 5000 people. There was standing 3 Curlybreeders with 3 curlies, an owner (Amélie) with Ys Kumo and me. I had no horse to show for this time but I made a little shop for our Curly association (my 2008 Rac Tshirt was not for sale, just for show !) and I drived the trailler for Kumo and Amélie who don't live far from my home. Ys Kumo, the only Curly under saddle, was perfect, very cool. Amélie made a great Parelli work with him. People liked it and enjoyed. Many of them came at our tent, saying "I want a horse like Kumo". Kumo had not a very curly mane (maybe too much showers and grooming) but people liked him as a wonderfull horse and not only for curls, and it was a good thing too ! The others curlies was nice too, there was a tobiano foal very curly from Karine, another foal and a big broodmare owned by Stephanie. What a nice day !


  1. Sophie, what an excellent post! I am glad you had so much fun, and it sounds like you all did an awesome job showing off the wonderful tributes of your Curlies. I am very impressed seeing YS Kumo ridden without reins with large crowds around!

  2. Thank you Susan ! Oh yes, there is no need of strong reins between Amélie and Kumo, just strong love ! I will let Amélie know your kind words