Friday, September 27, 2013

Dress Rehearsal!!

After speaking with my Dad and having his full support in this weekend's ride it was time to try a dress rehearsal!! I wanted to make sure my Dad was ok with it because it is his horse that is being left behind. But he has plans now for some one on one with her and thinks it will do her good!! YAY!!
I started with trimming his muzzle hairs and bridle path. Mostly just as a desensitizer than anything. I am not getting right into the trimming because I love his fetlocks and bushy tail!! I had to run home to meet Owen off the bus and then we set to our pinking!!

Linus stomped on my bag of pink things!! Not putting this on me!! 
Boy are you wrong about that Mister!!

pink lei, pink rein covers, pink saddle blanket and pink feather boa around the cantle of is saddle!! And Bernie also has pink polo wraps and pink glitter horse paint to put ribbons on their flanks!

Lookin' real masculine there Linus!

The manure spreader going by was a good "obstacle"

And the calves stood at the fence laughing at Linus and wondering what the heck I was doing to him!! Linus should get along well with Bernie's horse. He is also black. Linus looks at the multi-coloured cows up the road like they are from Mars!! In his world horses are red and cows are black! (even though his sire is tobiano!)

It is all coming together nicely! I had a good ride on Linus today and then a good ride (though not as smooth and comfy!) on Allie. Maybe next year she will be ready for Dad to join us on a big trail ride! It is so awesome that I will get to meet a fellow RAC'er and her Curly!! Really looking forward to it!! 
Donna & Linus
Excited like crazy in Lunenburg, On


  1. Boy Donna , when you do something you sure do it well... He looks mighty fine standing there all decked out, and he still like you ?? I hope you have the time of your life this weekend Have a great one, that coming from your Minnesota friend who hasn't been on Curly boy in a long long time, Have a ball

  2. Thanks Harold!! I love your admiration of Linus! And you know what, men can get breast cancer too so I will add your name to list of people I'm riding in honour of on Sunday!! Just so you can come along as well : )

  3. Awesome! Linus does look perturbed in that one photo, though! Haha! I hope you have an awesome ride! Hope the weather there is as good as here!

  4. That lei around his neck is adorable, good idea! Can't believe Harold is getting to ride with you in Canada again. He rode with us last week, but I forgot to put that in my blog.


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