Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy with Progress!!

‎I am posting via email so I am not sure what order my pictures will load but I love how you can see the expressions of Linus changing!! 
We went for an in-hand walk up the road last night. A calm one!!! Not that he's ever really not calm but I was impressed! After the stressful situation I put him in the day before it wouldn't have surprised me if he didn't want to come out to work but he met me at the gate and lowered his head right into his halter!! Man I love this horse!! 
You can see the slightly apprehensive look in his eye as we head up the driveway and then the proud, shining gleam as we head back!! It was so funny in person that I was laughing. You could tell he was proud of handling separation like a big boy!! I let him eat some grass at the road for a reward. I treated it the same as the other day and when Linus stopped moving forward I didn't press him to move forward. But when he did he received lots of praise! 
Allie handles it pretty good too. She gets most wound up when he's grazing close to her but on the other side...I think it's a jealousy thing!!


  1. Donna I think when he gets done roaning out you will have the horse of a different color, he is truly awesome. can't wait to see his color next year.

  2. He is so cute, Donna! And good job with him! Even he feels how proud you are of him I think!!

  3. You are doing a great job dealing with their separation anxiety. Linus looks like he is going to nap in the sun in the last picture.

  4. Great job! As always, Linus is so handsome!