Tuesday, September 17, 2013

E.U.P. Hospice Benefit Ride II

Hi All - Janeen did a great job of summarizing our ride on Saturday, but since she suggested I post some of my pics, I thought I better get on it! =] I snatched a pic from someone else's gallery with me in it, so you'd know I was really there. HA! Laura Kibler (lime green shirt) a fellow RACer is to my right on her awesome boy Billy. I think she should get in on posting her pics too! =]

Here is the link on FB to the gallery

It was such an amazing day with good friends. Here are some of my favorites, showing the area. We rode just shy of 4 hours. Then came back to the Restaurant where it started for a Pig Roast. I was starving! 

We are looking forward to next year!


  1. Wow Denise, these are great pictures, especially the one of the food, made me hungry, Although it looks like you guys had to much fun riding the countryside, awesome..

  2. Thanks goodness you posted, Denise, because I wanted to share all these pictures and I was getting tired of waiting for pictures to load! It was an awesome day and am so ready for the next one!

  3. Thanks Harold! The food was amazing. Look at all your missing by not coming to visit us?! lol Plan for next year fella! =]

    Janeen, I am ready too!!! It was the perfect day and with such a great group of people. =]

  4. Love the beach picture with all the horses in the water! Makes me want to trailer right up to Popham Beach right now. Dang that coleslaw looks good, doesn't it Harold?

    1. Yes Susan, everything looked good but the peas,, but I could have picked around them I guess

  5. Beautiful trails, beach riding, oodles of horses and great food!! You ladies sure know how to have a wonderful day!! I agree though, now it's Laura's turn!! :)


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