Saturday, September 21, 2013

Racing the Rain!

I knew rain was coming today but  it seemed to be holding off longer than expected. I really wanted to take Linus out for a ride to get some fall pictures. I got some from a distance but I am really hoping to get more tomorrow. The quality of them is really poor and they don't look nearly as vibrant because it was such a grey day. The sun was shining early this morning and the colours looked electric!
Linus is really starting to Grandma Lilly??? I don't think he will roan that much!!
I walked Linus in hand over to the electric gate and then through it. He is so good with this!! Then I mounted and off we went. He was looking back for Allie until I said "Let's get the cows" and then he perked up. They were all laying down and he trotted up to some, I thought he might spook when they got up but he enjoyed it! We moved a few yearlings around for fun and then set about to try for the fall pictures. My husband called me while I was on Linus and I have to say Linus awesome!! My ringtone is the Andy Griffith theme, so maybe he liked the whistling! He has heard my phone going off lots when I'm working with him but he was a bit prancy today with the cooler weather and it could have easily turned into a "horse eating" excuse! Instead, I whoa'd him and he stood with one hind leg at rest while I took the call. Then when I put my phone away we got right back at it.
Unfortunately then the rain started so we headed back. Leather saddle and suede seat leave me not wanting to ride in the rain for too long!! My saddle was pretty loose when I got off at the gate so it was a good thing we ended it. I put a new leather latigo on it today so I guess it did some stretching!

Now for some pretty neat news. A friend of mine who has a big, beautiful Friesian cross asked me if Linus and I would like to join her and Lucas on a breast cancer charity ride next Sunday. I would freakin' LOVE to do this. We were going to try a ride together today to see how Allie handled being left behind. I wanted to try this before the actual ride in case it is not yet a possibility. But, the weather really took care of that idea!! We may try again tomorrow morning. Lucas has very much the same temperament as Linus and I think they would really get along well together. Bernadette has asked us to ride with  her a couple of years ago but I said I wanted to wait until Linus was a bit older before I started out on longer rides. He is definitely ready for it now. It would be a huge step for us to do something like this. He has loaded but never been trailered off the farm since I brought him home as a weanling. I'm confident he would handle the trails and other horses nicely. He may be a bit excited but I am not overly worried about it. My Dad is away for a few days so I haven't had a chance to see what he thinks of Allie being left behind. I would really, really love to do things like this with Linus.


  1. Donna, the way your horse is so in tune with you I don't believe you have a thing to worry about going out riding on trails with other horses, nope not a thing, I believe you will have a relaxing fantastic ride.. I expect to see some fall colors in your pictures next time though. and maybe a glimpse of big foot in the trees... Have a great ride on a great horse

  2. Thank you Harold!! I do have pictures to post, there was an error when they loaded so I have to do it again!! I'm pretty confident in taking Linus out on big rides. It's leaving Allie behind that concerns me. I don't want her getting hurt.

  3. I am thrilled for you to be able to do this ride with Linus!!!!!!!!!! I hope it all works out for you. Can't wait to hear all about it. :)