Monday, September 9, 2013

A Refreshing Break

~Susan and AhD~
I have been putting in a lot of time on working with Nike the green Haflinger for my friend Terry, which hasn't left too much time for rides on my beloved Ah-D, but, wow, when I have been able to work it into my schedule, it has been incredible!
One evening after work, I fit in a short but amazing turn around our local wood trails.  I carried the crop, because I know my Curly well, and after so much time off, he was more than likely to be bratty.  Sure enough, right off the bat, he attempted to snatch leaves, so "thwack" ~ I gave him a good one and stopped that behavior.  The next trick out of his bag was Full Alert.  Nope, I wasn't falling for that one, either.  Pivots, circles and figure eights, all with me staying calm, cool and collected, nipped that behavior in the bud, and then we were good to go.  The evening air was fresh and invigorating.  It has been either hot and humid or pouring cats and dogs in Maine lately, and the change in the weight of the air was a relief.  The heavy air invites deer flies, but not the cooler, light air. 
I noticed the leaves are getting a yellowish cast, and the wild grass plants on the power line have turned russet brown.  As we neared home, I turned AhD back and he gave me a nice collected canter.  It felt so good!  He is so responsive when we are in tune.
My second spectacular ride took us a little further from home, but we were still on familiar turf. Just like the short ride, I carried my crop.  This time, his first game was Let's See How Slowly I Can Walk.  That lasted four steps past the squeeze of my legs (his cue to speed up) when he got a smart slap on  the butt.  That caused him to keep his mind on me for quite a good spell, and we had so much fun!  Ramming through the woods, charging up hills, fast trotting on the good footing, and carefully picking our way through a very steep and rocky section.  AhD is so surefooted.  Riding the greenie Nike has really made me appreciate yet again all my Curly has to offer.  Smart, responsive, sensitive, forward, willing, balanced, experienced...AhD is just an incredible mount.
I was so refreshed after this ride,  I was floating on Cloud Nine.  I am looking forward to the cooler, invigorating rides of Fall in New England.
 I didn't carry my camera on these rides, but for your viewing pleasure, I looked back over my past September rides for a great trip down memory lane!
September 9th, 2012 The end of the trail out by Marshall Pond

September 2011 A trip to Acadia National Park


  1. Susan. just love your stories, I feel as I can smell the fall coming in the air when I read it,, Nice picture, liked the last one the best, great fence they built,,,, Ride safe my friend,

  2. Wow Susan, looks almost like here, beautiful. I would love to have a National Park to ride in!

  3. He sounds like Linus when he decides to 'test'. Faking that something we walk by every day might just decide to grow fangs today! A reminder does the trick and onwards we go! Funny characters they think they are! I can really appreciate what you mean when getting back on your own horse. I have been working with Allie and realized just how much of a bond I have with Linus. Really makes me appreciate him all the more! Love your scenery-you do live in a beautiful state!

  4. LOL..."thwack." I remember those days with Reese well! =] Of course, even now and then I have to remind Bear that we are not at a all day buffet! =] Funny how they learn trail riding means an opportunity for some fresh greens! Glad to hear you had such a great ride with you boy.


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