Friday, September 6, 2013

my wish comes true!

I am so happy, i like to ride in a pastern, to train and play with the horses.
Whene i went home i needed a pastern.
Finally it went all possible!
The field next to ours belongs to our neighbours, they are farmers and whene their "field"was ready to take the hay off the field we could start making my finally!
then somebody els had to bring a lot of sand....

and 3 day's's done!

i wanted to ride...but it was't was to hard to walk...
we expect a lot off rain and i understand that's verry good for my paster....
and also the grass offcourse
Bucky loved it! he rolled over, stand up, walk a meter and roll over again...

and digging holes hahahaha

thank you all for reading...i show you some training pictures ASAP.


  1. That is going to be a fantastic riding ring when you are done! Wish I had one, but my land is all hilly. I can see Bucky likes it already, but is he going to like it as much when he has to WORK in it? :)

  2. this looks great Marjolein, you look like you have put a lot of work into it,,, Should be soft landing should you fall off which I doubt you will,,, Have a great ride and have fun working your horse and thanks for posting

  3. Thank you Harold and Susan,nice to know somebody is reading the stories!...are you able/okay to ride again Harold?
    Hope so!
    Greetings Marjolein

  4. Marjolein, I figure I will give it a good try this winter when there is a foot of snow on the ground for me to land in,,

  5. Love the pix of Bucky rolling and digging holes. How funny!!! You are putting in a lot of hard work and it looks like it will be great. I am jealous!

  6. thank you all...and Harold.....can't wait to your pictures is your horse so tuff to handle?

  7. Congratulations Marjolein! I'm jealous :).

  8. Love it! Can't wait to see you having fun with the horses in there!

  9. Congrats! Take pics of your first rides!

  10. Marjolein, my Curly boy is a true curly, independent stubborn, sneaky, but he rides well and is a fantastic horse to be on, he just keeps me alert not knowing what to expect from him next,, Curly boy is 13 and you would think he was 3,, I love him to death


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