Friday, September 13, 2013

Losses and Wins Part 2

The blog doesn't like me the last two days, so I closed out of the first part and went in through Chrome.  So far so good!

On to happier subjects!  This last weekend I went to the last two speed shows of the year for us locally.  The first day was at the Stalwart Fair.  This fair is an agricultural fair and is advertised as the Biggest little fair in Michigan.  It is alot of fun!  It's all about community!

The night before the speed show at the fair it poured, so there were mini lakes in the arena, so we dubbed it the mud runs!  I don't have any pictures, but we had fun!  I hadn't ran since June, so I was excited to see Corky enter the arena for warmups and want to take off running!  He remembered!  That's my boy!  We took it easy, though, because of the mud.  The person I did a training session with at the beginning of the year told me just to concentrate on beating OUR time each time, but because of the mud and the fact we hadn't ran in 3 months, I just wanted to get it right.  We ran 40 seconds in barrels, which was 2 seconds higher than our last run, 40 seconds in poles, 17 seconds on down and back.

The next day my hubby got to go see me!  He hasn't seen me since my practice session in May, so he was excited to see us running all the time!  The arena was a little drier, so I felt more confident.  We entered the arena for barrels, made a loop and off we went.  We did 32 seconds and I was proud!  Broke our record!

Now, poles was a different story.  We came down to turn the first pole just fine.
We turned the first corner and Corky wanted to head for home fast!  Nooooooo!  We have to go between the poles, Cork!
So there was some power struggling going on without missing a pole.  We made it through, but it seemed like forever!  I heard a friend yell "You're still in it, Janeen.  Just keep going!"

Here, we're turning the pole to go back through and I had slowed our pace, so I had more control.  And then after turning the final pole, then I let him go!
So our time was 49 seconds in poles.  An experienced barrel racer came up to me afterwards and told me what I did wrong and what I need to work on.  Most of it is that Corky has never been taught to flex when you're in the saddle, so guess what he's going to be learning over the winter!
On the down and back we did 15 seconds, so that was an improvement too!  Yay!
Everyone can tell Corky likes what we're doing and that we're match.  I get alot of compliments on his personality.
I had a couple of people ask me what kind he was.  Some were guessing appaloosa because he has no tail, but it's always nice to educate people on the extreme Curlies and show how diversified they can be.  Cork and I will never probably place, but we're having fun and that's what it's all about!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun and at the end of the day that's all that matters. Thank you for sharing made me feel a little better after your sad story.
    Take Care.

  2. I hope the experienced barrel racer was nice about her advice!!! Anyway, you obviously had a really good time and bonded even more with Corky. You make me want to run right out and take AhD to a gaming show (well...except that I have been sick four days now with the flu...but you know what I mean). There is a club that runs friendly shows only about an hour and a half from me, so it is do-able. Hmmm...maybe this should be my goal for next year, to enter AhD in one game show and one driving show. You have so much fun, you inspire me!!!!

    1. Oh, yes, Susan, she was very nice! She just wanted me to do better! She even ran the two-man race with me because I had no idea what to do! This is a really good group of people and while some are in it for winning, others are just having fun with their horses and everybody knows it!

    2. PERFECT! Tell me about the two man race; what is that? i think I would really like games on horseback.

    3. Here there is a special race at the end of the show that you can enter. This time it was the two man race. They put out two barrels horizontal to each other. One man goes out and positions himself in line with the right barrel, but behind it. The second man is in the starting gate and has a baton and races out to the first man and you have to handoff the baton to the first man between the 2 barrels, but not cross the line the barrels are making and then race back around the outside of the left barrel and back home. My time wasn't great, but getting all coordinated, running and holding onto something and then handing it off, was difficult for me. The day before was keyhold, where a pipe is laid on the ground in the shape of a keyhole. You have to enter the keyhole, turn around and back out the entrance without stepping over the pipe. Alot of horses refuse it, because they think a snake is on the ground. Corky didn't refuse, but again our time wasn't great because it was our first time and I wanted to get it right.

  3. I agree with Susan!! You make me want to try this with Linus!! Way to go Janeen, so nice to see you out and at it! Corky really looks like he loves what you're doing! I believe you will place Janeen! Love it!

    1. Everybody says they can tell Corky does love it and will get better with time. Both our confidences have to get better and my handling technique, of course!


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