Friday, September 6, 2013

Our first ACHTA weekend

I should have posted earlier but I waited until the pics from the photographer where in ;-) finally today they where in  my mailbox.
The weekend of Aug 24 Jake and I went on our first ACHTA experience in Jamestown Tennessee.

Saturday we did CTC Competitive Trail Challenge. It was a 3 hour trail ride with 6 obstacles. We hooked up with two ladies who where riding Foxtrotters. But Jake was having a hard time keeping up with them in the end. The last couple of mls we rode with another couple.He did AWESOME on the obstacles I was so proud of him.
Sunday it was AOC Actha Obstacle Challange. There were two sets each with 4 obstacles. We only missed 2. He didn't do the barrels and the kiddy pool hahaha no way. But all the other obstacles we had 9 and 10 points!!! ( out of 10) so wow I was so proud of him.
Unfortunately I cant attent the next couple of Actha rides in my area, we have guests at the B&B so I can't go. Which is good thing though LOL.
We practiced back home the kiddy pool and we will going to practice more. Jake and I had fun.
I had A LOT of comments about Jake being a Curly horse. I think almost every competitor came up to us to see Jake up close. He still has some curls in his coat during the summer and he is very soft. Everybody wanted to touch and feel his coat. We even made it to the main ACTHA Facebook Page, saying I was showing the cool and thinking temperament of a Curly horse. That made me very proud.

The first day when we came back from the trail/challenge ride.

Trotting back to the barn after riding.

Tent obstacle, riding a figure 8 around tent, chair, coolers and fire pit.

Jake was scared of the barrels or pole and I was not able to go around with the 2x4

Backing up L

Jake was one of the very view who backed up over the log without hitting it. Most horses freaked out over it. He stayed cool.

Picking up slicker and shake it. No problem for Jake.

They handed a empty water bottle. You had to crush it and trow it in a tot. The noise was suppose to spook the horses. Not Jake.

He had to step with his front feet in the pool....euhh no.

What is this??? is there a alligator in it??

Stepping on "the bridge" stop for 5 seconds and step of, no problem.

Back home I bought a pool and got Jake use to it. Now we can go for a swim ;-)

Marion Huurman
Hidden Cave Ranch Curly Horses , KY


  1. Wow, this looks like SO MUCH FUN. I would like to do this with AhD some day. Too many fun things to do, not enough time and money. :) I love how you bought him a pool afterwards. Perfect! My favorite picture is the one where you are picking up the slicker. Jake is standing rock solid and listening to you. Love it!

  2. Thank you Susan. I was so proud of him. i actually had to shake the slicker too and he didn't move an inch.

  3. doing great Marion!!is that the saddle you brought from Holland?

  4. yes William it is, beautiful isn't it? ;-)

  5. Wow, Marion! That gives me ideas about doing stuff here at home. I had a minor setback when Nooner bucked me off twice at the County Fair. Now I think it's time to go back to the beginning and start again. There were some flapping yellow & green flags at the Mexican booth at one end of the arena & Nooner did not want to go there. I didn't read her signals and respond correctly. Always more to learn! Glad you and Jake are out & about~boy i wish i lived near you!!!

    1. Ow I am sorry Vicky yes that is a big setback in confidence I know that feeling.
      yes it would have been fun if we are closer, now we just need more vacation time LOL. take care good luck with Nooner.

  6. Yes!! I love this kind of competition! Way to go!! What beautiful pictures of your partnership. And getting him in the pool afterwards! Awesome! I see the rope reins and rein leathers. Are you a Parelli student? You look like a natural horsewoman!
    And thank you for the description of the obstacles - I can't wait to try these with Sunny! Putting purpose to all the training we do!

    1. Thank you Cyndi. yes I am a natural horsemanship fan. not a Parelli Student, but i did started with his games about 12 years ago. Now I just take what I can get and I really like Buck Branaman a lot and read a lot about Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt.

  7. You look terrific and you have one wonderful horse!!! I would love to try the Competitive Trail Challenge - good for you for going and showing off your great horse. I absolutely love the pix of all four hooves in the pool. Can't believe it. Too funny and it looks like he is really enjoying it.

    1. Thank you, we enjoy each other a lot..and the rest of our wonderful Curlies ofcourse ;-)

  8. Wonderful to look at your pictures! Looks like a lot of fun Marion, and great that those Curlies are doing a good job showing off!

  9. Fantastic job! You make such a great team! I love doing things like this at home! Would be neat to do it at a fair or something!