Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The best view on the farm

This is my favorite seat on the farm..the viewfinder of two long expressive ears shows me the world in front of me.......our driving time has been increased over the last month. Legacy and I have a new driving spot planned, a "local" arena, 45 min drive for us in a much larger arena and out in the fresh air. I hope to be headed there in the next week or two, to meet up with a friend that drives a mini.

Everything is progressing well here at home. I had an incredible horse/human moment last week. Mike and I had been gone from home for a few days. I always put Legacy out on our large pasture while we are gone, as she has ample grazing and fresh water via a spring.  I rode our ATV up the hill to tell her we were home and give her the supplements and grain she gets. She happily ate her grain and supplements and seemed to be way more interested in hanging out with me, than continuing to graze.

After a bit of time I decided it was time for me to head back down the hill.  USUALLY the horses just give us a "goodbye...I am staying because this is a really good spot" kind of look....but Legacy stepped in behind the ATV just as if I had her haltered and was leading her down the hill.  OK.....I was sure she might go a shorts ways, then veer off ....but...she stayed right off my left hip....and followed me down the hill every step of the way. This journey is open country, she was free to leave at any moment, and this trip is nearly 1/2 mile.....she got behind once when she stopped for an itch...but I heard her coming fast, whinnying on the way....she literally followed me the whole way, and to the barn where I haltered her and put her in the pasture by the house. It was one of those moments when the connection between us was apparent...I truly was the "bell mare"  and the leader of our small herd. I felt really, really honored by this gesture. To say I am enjoying the relationship with this mare is a huge understatement..she is an incredible soul.


  1. Your bonding moment was amazing. I just love hearing stories like that. I am so glad you and Legacy are a wonderful team. Have fun in the big arena!

  2. Thanks Susan, I was really wished I had that moment on video...it was incredible!

  3. That is such a cool moment. Thank you for sharing it with us.