Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Trip to Lake Superior's Mission Hill Look out

by Denise Conroy, Michigan

Janeen had to leave town and asked...I mean "told"  me I had to blog this ride. lol I tried to convince Laura Kibler to do it because you all haven't heard from her yet, but she gave some lame excuse about not remembering how to log in. ha ha.Actually I don't mind, I just think it's fun to hear some one else's perception of the ride besides me. =]

This particular ride I have wanted to do for many years, but seemed every time a ride was planned I was unable to go. THIS day was the day!

It's about 90 min or so from our house to the trail head..and about a 4 hour ride. With lunch packed, and water for my dog Rocky - we were all set to go. Laura had the furtherest drive..which was about 2 1/2 hours. And Janeen was closest..only 20 min or so. I picked up a friend, Karen Bennett on my way...who has a sweet, quiet QH, Paco. The rest of us of course own curlies..and that's pretty cool.

It had to be the BEST day of the season. Slight Breeze, about 70 deg., and beautiful blue skies.

Left to Right: Janeen & Corky, Denise & Bear, Laura & Billy and Karen & Paco...
and of course Rocky.=]

Janeen and Laura...ready to head out!

All I asked for was a colorful group photo. Lol

Laura and Billy..wandering off the path..

Denise and Janeen with "Jazzy" hands...we didn't fill Laura in I guess. =]

Janeen and her sweet boy, Corky.

Denise & this gentle boy!

Laura and Billy, quite the team!

At the top...Mission Hill..overlooking Lake Superior

Another view with Laura and Billy

We took a break for a little lunch...equine, canine and human alike!


  1. Oh boy Denise, where is Tom ????? truly looks like you guys had a ball, you really do have some pretty country side to ride in,,

  2. Beautiful colours!! It's amazing how the different coats of the horses seem to pop the leaves in a unique way to each!! Beautiful ride and beautiful weather for it!!

  3. Love the foliage!!!! Wow, this ride sounds like MY KIND OF RIDE! I am so glad you are out there enjoying Bear in this gorgeous weather. All of you! (even if you don't blog, Laura...)

  4. Beautiful pics and lots of fun from what I see. One day I will be joining you!


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