Sunday, September 22, 2013

Racing the Rain Pictures!!

Excuse the 2 part post and it being a day apart as well!! I did upload some pictures the first time but it didn't work and I didn't want to edit the original post because I hate fighting with picture placement!

Here is what I was talking about with regards to Linus roaning. This picture is high on his rump but he has it almost everywhere!

The fall colours in our bush. Taken from our cow pasture. The pasture ends at the bush and we have to test the fence daily because of deer and even turkeys flying through it!

I love this time of year!

On a clear and sunny day the vines climbing these trees look so bright that it is almost an illusion 

I made 2 pink saddle blankets (for on top of regular one, they aren't that thick!) just in case I actually do get to do the charity ride next Sunday. It is called the "Pink Ribbon Ride" and I had to do something because I do not own any pink clothes!! (Sorry Krista and Sassy)

I couldn't get any of the breast cancer fabric so I just got pink and added a couple of personal touches to it!

Bernie thought it was a pretty awesome idea since she also does not own any pink clothes!

By no means a very professional job but not bad I think! Big embroidery machines are big bucks!

Bernie and I did not get the chance to try our boys together on a ride today because the weather was so miserable! The sun came out for about 10 minutes at 5pm! It is supposed to be a pretty fair week of weather so maybe we will get to try it this week. I really want to give it a whirl before I decide to load and go! Linus has never ridden out with another horse before. He and Lucas did meet on one occasion, they exchange horsey pleasantries and that was that. They are both pretty ho-hum fellas. Linus and I have to register as a "green" team because he is under 6 years old. I learned today that the trail is about 8km. Possibly give or take a bit depending on potential detours due to conditions. 
Donna & Linus
Soggy in Lunenburg


  1. The saddle pads are PERFECT! Love your fall colors - our s are starting now, too. I have a friend who has a QH who roaned out more and more as she got older, and she also is a color changer like Linus and gets dark chestnut in the winter.

  2. Fantastic job on the blankets Donna, but then you have a fantastic horse, I really like the fall pictures, thanks for sharing, I bet in the sunshine your neck of the woods is a sight to see !! We are all lucky for the country settings we live in, beautiful fall colors and awesome spring bringing things back to life,, Got our first bull calf last week, we are in production now { I am anxious to see how you do on your pink ride, you have such a great horse, you will have a ball and I bet next year you won't believe how much your horse changes color...

  3. Thank you Susan and Harold!! I find that very interesting Susan with your friends QH; I think i'll post pics of Linus next time in summer and winter to show on one page the difference. You're right Harold, we are all very lucky to live in places where we can watch the changing of the seasons. I will try to get a pan of our bush when it's at its peak! It is stunning!! I hope you have a black bull calf Harold and not one of them onionheads that Susan has?! : )

    1. HAHAHAHA - Onionhead - is that what you call Herefords? Must be a Canadian term cuz I've never heard that in the States. And, by the way, it's not bush, it's WOODS.

  4. Haha, an old Angus breeder friend of ours is where if first heard that term for Herefords! And I call it BUSH because there's a lot of undergrowth, I call it a forest when it is only trees...not sure if that is real but it's how I term it!! lol, the pink ribbon ride is on "forest" trails! : )

  5. Donna! Sunny and I will be at the Pink Ribbon Ride Too!!!!!!!!!!! I used to go with my previous horse but this will be Sunny's first time :-)) We are super lucky though... we live in the area so we are going to ride over! It's gonna be a long one - about 12km to the ride - 8km for the ride - and then 12km home!
    I sure hope to see you there!!! Sunny is a chestnut with a big white blaze. He wears rythm beads around his neck. And........ he roans too!
    I have an friend (who I will be riding with to the Pink Ribbon) and she actually says that Sunny, is Robicano and Sabino. Theses are specific markings and colorations of horses. I can't remember which one of them has the roaning characteristic but it's one of them! He is unique because his socks are higher than his hocks, he roans, his blaze with white chin and his tail has white in it too. Crazy all the colour combinations there are!

  6. Cyndi this is awesome news!!! Can't wait to meet you!! Next to Karalee you're the closest RAC'er to me! I think it will be about a 45 minute trailer ride for us (that's what Bernie figures) you'll have to ask your friend if Ben D'Or spots come into play with those colourings. I'll show you Linus' on his rump. He has a fist size one and a loonie size one. You'll know us, he's all red, has a small white crescent on his forehead and we'll be with a blonde on a huge black horse. Can't wait!!