Tuesday, April 30, 2013

End of the Challenge out on Dutch Queens day!

I have been working a lot on "bomb proofing" all our horses.
Today was the last day for the challenge so we did it all to get it together like a 'test"

It was also a big day in my home country The Netherlands. After 33 years the Queen handed over the crown to her son. So now we have a KING.
 So I thought I will go a little overboard and dress up the horses, and turn it into a challenge.

Moose all dressed up...even with Wooden Shoes on ;-) His Orange Cap ( the Royal family is called Orange by their last name, that's way everybody dresses up in orange) and of course the Dutch Flag.

Freedom did all the obstacles riding, AND caring the Flag.
Then we went on a trail ride and "found" some more obstacles. I can't believe this horse. He just does it all! The creek was a big challenge it was slippery and at one part a big elevation he had to "climb" He slipped and almost fell. But he did not spook or got excited at all. He just went true like nothing happened.
Natalie my friend made the pictures and rode Jake. She also made some videos but that take a while to upload. Will share it later.

Happy happy day.

 OOPS fallen tree on the trail...have to go underneath..

 Splashing true the pond

 Riding the creek

 Part of the dog pack
The Hidden Cave. It is actually very big and you can go in very far. I could not get closer on horseback.
So if you want to see it come visit us ;-)

Marion Hidden Cave Ranch, KY


  1. Now this is a great job, Marion!

  2. wouw marion, verry nice!
    and the wooden shoos hahahahahahah!!!!paarde op klompen! amazing!!!!

    nice off you to stil think about queens day....next year king day...hmmmm

    greetings marjolein

  3. I want to come see the cave! Looks like so much fun!!!! Debbie

  4. I just cannot believe how much Moose has changed. Shows what a little love and kindness (plus good food and care) can do for a horse. Your spring is so much advanced there then it is here. Jealous! And, I wanna see the cave, too!!!! That stream is so inviting. Excellent challenge course!

  5. Beautiful trail pictures Marion! Great accomplishments on the obstacle course too - you look like you're really in your element : )


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