Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ahhh, that was nice!

We had a gorgeous 50 degree day here in muddy Connecticut. I have spent virtually no horse-time in almost a year. Last April I had a bit of a wreck on Lakota (, and spent the better part of the past year with pain in my back from that fall. I busied myself with other tasks for the past year. Hence, none of my girls have left the paddock since last spring.

After a morning of running around after a long day (and night) last night, I came home and laid down in the sun and took a little nap outside. When I woke up, I rose to see 4 horses peering at me over the gate, begging for attention. I brushed them and loved on them for awhile, then left the paddock with promises to be back in an hour with dinner. I turned to glance back over my shoulder, and they looked so forlorn and lonely, as only Curlies do, begging for interaction and attention.

So, back up to the paddock I went. I tossed the halter on Lakota, and decided I would reintroduce the herd to the fact that the lead mare can leave the gate and they won't all die a horrendous death. So it wasn't much of a day, but a start. Lakota hadn't been out of the paddock in a year, but was just the same as the last time I had her our (minus the big spook that put us out of commission). I took my time and gradually led her away from the barn. The girls left behind of course carried on, screaming, digging, and racing around, but they settled soon enough. Lakota didnt' even give them a backward glance. I asked her to circle around me at a walk a few times in either direction, then asked her to back, and turn on the haunches and forhand. She did it all as if I had just asked her the same thing yesterday.

I'm hoping for big things this year! There is the possibility of an outdoor arena in the works, and some professional training :-)

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  1. Glad you had such a great day Michelle and what a beautiful photo of your mare !!


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