Friday, March 19, 2010

Spirited After Work Ride

Yep, that's right, an AFTER WORK ride! AhD and I haven't enjoyed one of those in a long time. AhD was extremely spirited and spunky, so I took him straight into the woods at the first opportunity. We pretty much stayed there for the whole ride, scrambling over stone walls, winding our way through the trees, ducking branches, etc. I keep telling myself that I will bring a branch cutter one of these days and actually make us a discernable winding path, but I never seem to get around it. Boy, was AhD forward. I bet I got some good exercise "just sitting" in the Harold's favorite saddle. I love taking AhD into the woods because he goes right where I put him, and I need to be on my toes because he does NOT poke along. Sorry, no pictures...not enough light for my camera. Hope you all get in some good rides this weekend!

1 comment:

  1. That sounds fun. :)
    I can see you taking branch cutters with you on a ride. :)

    This summer, I'll be going out in the woods with a metal detector, hopefully, because there is hidden barbed wire strewn about. :(


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