Sunday, March 7, 2010

Out with the Queen of Carts again !

Saturday was our first truly spring like day - toward late morning, thawing began.. the sap flowed freely and the mud popped up out of the ground. Zoe and I and Zoe's son Dominic, age 6, went for a super cart ride on the 10 mile loop. Nimue was, again, ready and willing. The cart is a tad crowded with an extra passenger - but so much fun !

Even though we ride this loop often, the scenery is still beautiful.

My favorite back roads - used to be lined with sap buckets, but now everyone has gone to sap lines.. more efficient but the quaintness is lost :)

What a great drive out - Nimue loves her job and we love her !! She is - as I wrote in my last post about her - the Queen of Carts !!

I'll add a video again .. kind of fun to ride along with us through moving photo's :) You can tell we have many potholes... with the camera shake and bounce.
If you are so inclined to watch 6 minutes of our ride - try the you tube link for more :)
Enjoy ~


  1. Thank you for sharing a lovely little trip! You are so fortunate to have all those dirt roads around your place that you can head off on. I'm very jealous!!!!! I doubt I could cart up April and head of down Route 67 without a LOT of hullabaloo, lol!

  2. Beautiful pics! Looks like you all had a great day!

  3. I enjoyed watching the you tube video during my lunchtime. It was awesome! Beautiful scenery and beautiful horse. She is such a pretty bay, and so forward and steady. You can tell she loves it!


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