Saturday, March 6, 2010

Clinic #2

No pictures for this clinic - my husband was out of town so I just rode Traveler in the 2nd "Student of the Horse" horsemanship clinic. He did great - once again, I am so amazed at how far we have come. We had to ride with only a halter and lead rope and walk,trot, canter and then do a one-reined stop and walk, trot, canter again. Traveler did it calmly and consistently. And he was the star pupil! Then we worked in a small arena with 9 other horses (he paid them little to no attention) on flexing to the outside, inside and then flexing and asking the horse to take a step up and over with the hip opposite the side of the flex. This is definitely not our greatest strenght, but he is showing improvement and would do it for a couple of steps. He really is coming along. Slow progress, small steps, but improvement nonetheless.

Tomorrow we have a jumping lesson and I just know he will be much more responsive to my leg pressure and giving & flexing and approaching a jump straight on. Next weekend we load up the horses and head over to Tulip Springs Eventing Facility to practice on the "real thing". I am buying my jump vests now. :)

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  1. good for you to keep learning!! It does us and our horses worlds of good to keep seeking to improve!


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