Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Obstacle Challenge!

Ok, before you all get too excited....this challenge offers no end prizes. HOWEVER, should you decide to part-take, the rewards will far exceed anything material. Obstacles teach an incredible amount of trust between you and your mount....& deep bond. You'll gain confidence by overcoming reactions your horse will have to really "scary" things. But be careful, start first!

The Challenge is this: See how many obstacles you can encounter & overcome over the next 6 weeks. They can be obstacles on the trail (natural) or obstacles that you set up in your arena, pasture, round pen or yard. Your time in doing this is "point-worthy" for the RAC. If you are in the core division riding part of the contest only, you can only count time while under saddle. Those in the ground division can count time for saddle and ground obstacles.

Getting started: If you need help in deciding what kind of obstacles you would like to do with your horse, I have a page laid out for the very purpose. It is called the "Calmer, Smarter, Braver Obstacle Course." Click the link to view.

A few weeks ago in preparing to do some of this with Reese until the trail is clear of ice and snow, I stumbled upon this youtube video that I thought was inspiring. Click the link below.

I sure would LOVE to get my horse going through a course like that with such ease! Wow!

HEADS UP: May will be our FIRST official MINI CONTEST, so let's work on this challenge until then and we'll be ready for some serious competition May 1st. =]

We look forward to your posts and photos of how you are progressing with your obstacles!

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  1. Well, I, for one, am VERY excited! (and I'm not even signed up for ground training!) It is really cool to do this with your Curly. Last year AhD loved finding my boy Ian in the big yellow slicker (dragged it off Ian with his teeth and then threw it around)and he also stepped onto metal grating and into a kiddie pool for me! He was scared to death of plastic milk jugs though and almost ran me over. I'll be more careful this year!


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