Friday, March 5, 2010

Pictures of a pretty girl :)

Here she is - *Shesa Magic Charm - gosh I am enjoying her more every day.  She is going SO well this year and I am just so pleased with her progress. 

So I rode her today and also went for a trail ride with my daughter Anastaisa - she rode our extreme mare *Bijou, *Bijou just got front shoes on for the first time yesterday so she is feeling great going over all kinds of rocks and stuff!  Out on our ride, *Bijou was very hot, dripping with sweat (it was quite warm today) and without warning she lay down to roll - and I mean without ANY warning LOL.  She was stepping out and then she was lying down.  Needless to say, Anastasia was quite surprised - as was *Bijou that Ana was now on the ground!  So no harm done, but ah the perils of riding a green horse!

I will be taking *Charm out on the trails soon too so will have more to report about that soon I'm sure!  So here we are today - Anastasia was kind enough to take a few pictures of us!


  1. Beautiful for sure, Shelly! Great to see you out riding without snow pants and a heavy jacket. (like me! lol) Looks like things at CSP are busy, busy!!! Good for you!

  2. Shesa pretty girl, alright! I love buckskin, and she is very well put together. Tell Anastasia that she is not the only one who has been surprised by riding a horse that suddenly choses to roll. Sometimes the sand just looks WAY too inviting. ;) but they lay down so easily, it ends up being comic relief instead of scary.

  3. Well, we have horses (especially young ones) lie down for a roll before, but this was just so SUDDEN lol - she was striding out walking one second and the next she was lying down LOL.

    Hey Denise, snowpants? What are those? Didn't I hear you talking about bit warmers the other day? I was wearing a t-shirt with a vest - should have had the vest off though - it was warm! :)

  4. I agree with Susan, Shesa a pretty girl. Great photo. Glad to know our Lakota is not the only Curly friend who likes to take a roll with his rider in the saddle. Sounds like Anastasia handled it well.
    Shelly, look forward to hearing more about Charm and Bijou.


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