Saturday, March 6, 2010

Here at Top O' The Hill Farm, we have been super busy.. since our outstanding drive with Nimue.. we have not been riding much. Our riding center had the big winter fund raiser.. a snowmobile poker run - which thankfully... Vermont FINALLY had enough snow !! I think it was the day after our cart ride - the ancestral mother of all snowstorms arrived. Wow ! We experienced a three day standstill while all we did was move snow around.

We have had time for ground work in between our lessons and snow shuffling. OYY Little "Z" was pleased when Zoe finally climbed into the saddle.. she's been waiting ! She did not want to move forward much, but that's OK - it will come.

Whew - That was hard work !! :)

Following our goal to have all our stallions driving and under saddle - and also all of our ponies riding and driving.. we started OYY Iko-Iko the other day. He just turned 2 and we are considering him as a pony stud. He is an extreme like his Mom - Tall Trees Sassie.. both ABC and ICHO registered. Plus - he is a lovely unique dunskin color - not that color is meant to be a primary reason for breeding ! :) Iko is 12.3 hands.. so will be a medium size pony stud.
He has not been ground driven yet - but has worn the harness and picked himself out a bridle. He'll make an adorable cart pony and he's so smart, he definitely needs a job !
Today promises to be very spring like - I am going to hitch Nimue again and trot out on the 10 mile loop I think. Not sure what else :)
Enjoy your day ~


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