Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ian and I went for a ride on our horses this BEAUTIOUS afternoon. AhD was uncharacteristically… good! He seemed to be quite relaxed and affable, even though we did a "get on and go" after a two week vacation. We went around Jason’s Loop first, enjoying the almost-50 degree temperatures coupled with the fairly deep snow on the trails.
The brook was roaring. It felt great to be out. It didn’t seem to matter to AhD whether he was following or leading. He didn’t bite Mister once. No spooks, no scoots, no snorting, no staring at things, no bug eyes. (Who was that masked man???) He did jump at a chipmunk once, but heck, so did I! We finished Jason’s Loop and headed up the road. Chatted with my neighbor Leon, who, just like my husband, was out gathering the sap. Stopped and chatted with another neighbor, Mike, who’s boy Pat gave AhD and Mister carrots! AhD decided chatting with neighbors was a totally primo thing to do. Off we went again, further up Back Street, and then offroaded to a sapling filled field, following the edge along the stone wall. AhD was relaxed, and I could tell he was enjoying himself! The sun was setting and it made a gorgeous picture across the field; too bad my camera is on its last legs and would not cooperate. We picked up Pat on the way back to spend the night, and AhD the Packhorse carried Pat’s overnight satchel with no complaints whatsoever. While offing the saddles at the hitching post, I could smell the maple cotton candy scent of sap boiling away in the shed. We remounted bareback to head down around the driveway and a short piece on the road to the barn. AhD's back was toasty and smelled even better than the sap. My pony was WONDERFUL today. Life is good!

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  1. Susan,
    I think you are doing a fabulous job with Ahd - you often say in your posts that he was uncharacteristically good - but I think that is becoming the norm the more time you spend with him!
    Good for you!


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