Wednesday, March 10, 2010


According to Owen (21 months old) that is what Linus sounds like. Picture a little boy in blue barn coveralls and bright red boots making that impression while shaking his head and stamping his feet!! Hilarious!
Anyway, the amazing March weather has continued!! And by the sounds of other blogs, we are not the only region (or country for that matter!) experiencing the unseasonably warm weather. I'll take it!! Linus has certainly enjoyed the sun. He gets what I call Grandpa-lipped when he is enjoying the sun. Whether he be lying on his side or standing up dozing that bottom lip hangs and you know he is really relaxed!! I thought his hip mark was fading but after his grooming today it seemed to be pretty prominent again. So we'll just have to wait and see what lies beneath the shedding. Speaking of shedding!!! I had forgotten just how much a horse does shed at this time of year. When I had Mickey he would grow a very thick winter coat and come spring would shed enough to make another horse! Linus seems the same!! Brush and brush and brush and it just keeps coming. I enjoy it though. Its nice to just relax with him, not be working on anything but enjoying our own company. Love it!
I've had Linus out a fair few times since I last posted. We had a really great session today. I did some manners lessons first because on the odd occasion he gets it into his head that it would be perfectly fine to run right over top of me when he gets the urge to go! Sorry Sir, but no! So if he got too far ahead of me and didn't listen to my asking him to slow down we did some tight circles. Need to do some sessions of him respecting my space in the near future.
Afterwards I put a folded up blanket on him under his "sir"cingle to get him used to feeling something more on his back and it also helps the surcingle fit better too!
So, off we went up the driveway, to the corner and then further that way than we had ever been before. There were a few moments where I had to go to head and lead him forward. He wasn't scared of anything, but had lost sight of Essa and wanted to know where she went. I asked for a trot a few times and that was not a problem at all. What made me even happier was that I didn't have to fight to keep him at that pace. I wasn't sure what to expect today since it was garbage collection day. As you can see from the picture below not only are garbage cans not a "monster concern" but they can provide entertainment by looking inside to see if anything is in there! In this case it amused Linus to pick up a margarine dish! It was so comical I couldn't resist pulling out the cell phone and snapping a picture. Now that I have discovered my lens was dirty causing the previous bad pictures, I should be able to post more of him. It's easier to snap them on a camera phone than carrying a camera with me. Anyway, the neighbours barn is in the background of this picture, a becel tub in Linus' mouth and his favourite companion Essa lying down off to the side.
It was a day of non-events. I'm so relieved he is not scared of mailboxes. After we go by some I usually have to put the flags back up...good thing I work for the Post Office!!
Happy trails!


  1. I love the butter dish pic, what a clown. :-) Dian

  2. What a character! I also just love the butter dish picture!! Linus will probably be a peach when it comes time to float his teeth. I was stunned at how good AhD behaved when he had his done, and the equine dentist told me that pesky "oral" horses tolerate it much better than normally complacent fellows.


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