Monday, March 1, 2010

Afternoon Ride

Hello again from Hokah, MN! We took advantage of the 30 degree temperature and sunny skies yesterday and saddled up Missy and Storm for a ride. My friend Carrie and I spent the afternoon catching up on news and taking in the scenic views on our ridge. We were fortunate enough to be able to travel along the gravel road that is now free of ice. We wait in anticipation for the snow to melt so we can ride the open fields spread out in front of us.


  1. Hey Shelley! Great to see you out riding in the wilds of MN. =] Your weather sure has been crazy this year. Spring is just around the corner!!! Look forward to more stories for you.=]

  2. Beautiful scenery! I love those blue skies with the high thin clouds. March now, and we all know that spring weather is just around the bend.

  3. Love the photos, Shelley. What better way to catch up with friends than in the saddle on a Curly.


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