Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Thaw ?

Today was another pre- spring like day.. with portent of mud to come. Zoe and I got out for a quick trot with Keri and Zoe's Day Dream (Reverie). Poor Rev has not been out since our snowy trail ride in December. She was happy to be out and very nosey about the surroundings.

We found sap buckets !! As I mentioned in my last post - with so many people going to sap lines.. I miss this maple sugaring time sight.

On the trot home - we pass by this house - where there is always something going on for a potential spook :) The man is hosing his car off (another sign of MUD season !?) and resident Killer dog , Buddy is on the porch. He is hitched to one of those over head runs... don't they make a lovely noise along with the lunging and barking ?? Buddy is grown up now and much more mature in his golden years.

We stop for a quick neighborly chat -- but it would have made an excellent video for Denise's obstacle month - with the intermittent strong surging stream of water hitting hub caps and car sides... along with Buddy speaking his mind.

There is a sharp ledge of rock behind me here .. I don't know why this thought enters my mind -- but each time I pass by this little house, low and close to the road-- my mind imagines a spook as we come up around the corner .. the horse cannot jump up the ledge.. so it jumps through the large picture window instead -- WHY do our minds even entertain such ridiculous thoughts ?? Because - of course in the over 20 years we've traveled by this house - no such event has even hinted at taking place. pretty ludicrous... Fortunately those thoughts never cause me to be nervous .. but it makes me question my sanity at times :) Maybe this is how a horse thinks sometimes too when they get silly over the beasts and demons morphing here and there on the side of the road or in the woods.

enjoy ~


  1. Too bad I am not doing the obstacle course mini contest this year! I have to change it up...still brainstorming. =]

    I can completely understand that mental block with the sharp least you are wearing a helmet...right? =]

    How cool that you have your very own obstacle spots on your trail. I think this is the house that always has all the great decorations too for the holidays, right?

    Thanks for the ride!

  2. what -- I can't believe this news - no obstacle contest .. Denise you're killing me -- I already have been thinking up ideas--- why ?? not enough participation ?? Yikes -- I am really dissapointed !!

  3. Sorry Betsy! I just felt I had to change it up a bit this year. =] I would like to encourage everyone to do as much of the CSB obstacle course as possible with their curlies in April. It is a great way to get the horses ready for the season. I just can't offer prizes.

  4. well thanks to you -- we have a more than full course we use all the time ! and what a difference it makes. This year.. I am making up obstacles for driving :) should be FUN !!


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