Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hokah Curly Horses In The Local News

My Curly horses are famous! Well, in Hokah, MN anyway. I invited a journalist from a local newspaper to meet my Curly horses and write an article on this wonderful breed. It was so much fun telling the writer about my journey to own horses and about what a perfect match I had found. Of coarse Noble was more than willing to "smile" for the camera and Storm looked so handsome with his curly dredlocks falling over his forehead. Not only will the article earn me points in the contest but it will help promote the breed and give hope to others who are allergic to horses. Thank you to Linda from Creekside Curlies for taking part in the article and allowing the journalist to interview you. I bet you were surprised to be contacted!


  1. Shelley!! GREAT job promoting!!! Twenty points for you! =] I sneaked into your post and pasted the link for you. =]

  2. hey...what about me?????? lol... Yes, it was a great job promoting, AND I was surprised by the cold call from the reporter ;-) I was wondering if I would ever see the actual, that is AWESOME that you told us about it, and the link is there to see .....woooohooooo ! curlies, curly owners ROCK!


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