Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mid week drive - the Covered Bridge re-visited by cart

Wednesday was our first really spring day -- we decided to head to the Bartonsville Covered bridge (in keeping with our obstacle orientations of the month). Again - Zoe is photographer of the fabulous trip.. and she is fast taking after her Mom-- taking too many photo's and lots of video :) Good Job Zoe !

Trot over Crow Hill.. down Flamstead Road

Take a left onto Green Mountain Turnpike - which has been a horse and buggy route for centuries..

All the way to Pleasant Valley Road - and down to the bridge.

We crossed the bridge twice... once over and once on return -- Nimue liked it better the second time across.

We had to trot by the long freight train.. or rather the freight train traveled past us-- first time we've done that in the cart.

And what a co-incidence is this ?? The first time we rode over the bridge with Keri and Teasel for obstacle month the last day of March in 2008.. if you check out the farm blog post for that day - you'll see as we crossed the bridge.. there was a man with a camera that day too !! All the way from New Jersey that day -- these people are from Georgia !! :)

The actual crossing is on video --

Our return trip home - we took Whitney Road - which was different for us than our usual route. That spot of clearing in the distance is where Keri took her slide down on her rump when we trotted over Mount Ephraim awhile back.

Someone is doing spring cleaning - a handy obstacle all set out for us - a flapping clothesline of drapes or bedspreads.

We see a lot of these at this time of the year.

Time to get on the highway for our trot home. The trip does not take long with Nimue in harness... she loves to travel.

Nimue hesitates a bit at first.

On the return trip- covered bridges are old hat.

Nimue thinks going to the left is a faster way -- but really.. turn right it's quicker :)

we had an awesome time.. and per tradition.. I did upload the long version of the trip on Youtube.

Today is another spring day.. warmer than Wednesday - I am not sure where we are going to ride today.

Enjoy ~


  1. I'm impressed. :) That bridge is really neat!

  2. Thanks Amber -- I love the inside - the way the sunlight comes through the lattice. if I owned a truck and trailer, one of my goals would be to ride every covered bridge in Vermont :)

  3. What a spectacular cart horse she has made. You have done such a wonderful job with her, and she has a great temperament for it. I loved the sunlight streaming into the bridge, too. Fantastic!


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