Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gotta Love Those Curlies

Not sure how this will be counted but feel it deserves sharing as it shows the best attributes of our Curlies!

Elsa went to her new home this last weekend. She loaded right up for her second round of loading! Rode like a seasoned pro and once to her new home took in all the new experiences like an old broke experienced horse! Mind you this was her first time off her birth place, away from her family and friends.

Her first was sloppy footing right out of the trailer, then a big sign announcing the stables name, then a waist high statue of a horse and a girl. All of this is at the head of the lane down to the barn and pastures. on the left is a paddock with several horses, a loafing shed, various "obstacles" and on the right is the house with four dogs, many cats and all the shrubbery and trees. Elsa never even hesitated but walked along on a loose lead even while keeping her ears up and her eyes high.

Once we go to the barn the stable trainer and Stacy went into the barn expecting me and Elsa to follow. So, we did. First time in a building, on a cement floor with birds, bird recordings, horses in box stalls and all the various accoutrement's that go along with the inside of a barn. Again no fuss no muss and no one watching could tell she had not been in this type situation all of her life!

Then they wanted me to take her into the indoor arena at the other end of the barn where there was an owner warming and tacking her horse. They wanted to introduce Elsa to her new stable mates - two donkeys. So the trainer went and haltered a donkey and led it into the arena with us. Elsa sniffed and was definitely curious but not alarmed. The trainer led the donkey around the arena, I followed with Elsa who sniffed and watched but was just as interested in the rest of her surroundings as she was that donkey. The woman in the arena with her horse commented on how calm Elsa was and how many horses are completely freaked by the donkeys.

And finally, they had me lead Elsa to her new holding/quarantine pen. This meant going through a small walk through door, onto a cement pad flanked by two big red feed and water buckets and into the midst of both donkeys. Again not fuss no muss and no excitement.

It was gratifying to hear all the comments about how sensible and calm this horse was - and sad/frustrating to me that they have no concept of just how much of this is the breeds characteristics which admittedly we breed for and then strive to expand during training! Gotta LOVE THEM CURLIES!


  1. Ellen, how wonderful. Technically, every time you have a curly in hand teaching them something new, it can be logged as points *IF* you are in the ground training division. Just like Adria when her filly coliced and she went out and introduced some obstacles...same thing. So if you signed up for the ground training division, consider it time well spent. Also in this case, Elsa was being sold but it doesn't matter whether you own the curly or not. IF it's a curly you are working with period, you count your time. =]

  2. Thanks Denise! And Elsa is doing Curlies proud with her new (GREEN) owner!

  3. I love your post! You much be so proud of Elsa; must have almost been bittersweet to let her go.


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