Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A not so positive followed by a positive

Two weekends ago the weather cooperated and I decided it was time to try to riding again. I hoped to enlist Stacy to take pictures but it fell to Don who felt pressured and then the actual mounting went poorly so thus the negative.

Mocha knows to stand next to whatever is handy so I can mount up with relative ease. In this case I went back to the old stand by of corral panels but Mocha was edgy - which I blame on me because I was edgy and it took several attempts to get him to lineup like he knows he is supposed to.

Once I had him in position you can see in the pictures how I shimmy up the rails and then "swing" on.
However, this time when I sat up and went to talk to him, Mocha walked off- a BIG nono and one he knows better than to do. Again, I am sure he was picking up on my nerves. I was not clear in my head and when he went instead of sticking with him and correcting him I stood backup on the rail and let him go - a technique I learned from a trainer in California at a Mustang clinic and one that gave me enough confidence to ride Mocha the first time.

Once he left I hopped down, followed him - walking as running is just foolish when the horse has 10 acres to dodge in, talked firmly to him, slapped my leg with my palm once and he turned and faced me.

Then I gave him the "come" command and he came - nervously as he was sure he was in trouble - and even stepped that one step closer when told. Then I praised him, petted him and led him back. But as Don wanted to work with Stacy and I was nervous I aborted the riding for the day and ended on the positive of his listening to me to come back in when told.
And then the ROTTEN spring weather has been snowy, muddy and generally not conducive to outside horse activities! But it will improve and so will I!
Oh and while you can't see it well my shirt is my curly (my chosen RAC shirt) for winter time act ivies! My t-shirt is underneath!

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  1. Your day might not have gone perfectly, but you sure look dapper in your purple curly hoodie!!!


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