Sunday, March 14, 2010

*Charm's first show! She wins a first place ribbon!

  Well, we have had an adventure!  I have been riding and preparing my Curly mare *Shesa Magic Charm for her first dressage show which was held yesterday on March 13th.  *Charm has been very going well in my arena, but I haven't had an opportunity to ride her in other areas very much and also, this "fuzzy horse dressage show" was to be held in an indoor arena about 2 hours from here.  Now my neighbour has a really nice coverall building and so on Friday March 12th when it was just pouring rain I thought this would be a good time to take her over there and ride her.  *Charm had been over to the indoor arena just once before late last summer - she had been pretty good in there, but it did seem like a good idea to go one more time before the show! 
So she was okay with being in the indoor arena, but she didn't like that there were no other horses in there, so she was somewhat nervous until my neighbour brought her horse in for some work and then *Charm settled down quite a bit.  I was happy to be riding inside that day - we don't get a lot of rain here, but when we do it just pours!
We had to leave quite early to get the the show grounds, and we took *Sandman and also my trainer's horse came along for the experience.  All the horses loaded and hauled just fine - we arrived in plenty of time for me to lead Charm around inside the arena before the show started.  She handled it all very well - and then I got her ready to ride and lunged and then warmed her up a bit - she was very very good and I was pretty impressed with her!
While waiting our turn to go into the arena a young girl asked me if *Charm was from *Sandman's Magic!  I thought that was very cool!  I know that *Charm does look like him, but we hadn't even brought him out of the trailer yet and so *Charm was the only Curly horse she had seen there!  She also went on to say that she had seen *Sandman two years ago at the fuzzy horse show when my daughter had ridden him.  There were lots of great comments about my horses - could hear people talking about the Curlies and it felt really great to be out there doing in again - as we took last year off from showing dressage.
So I rode *Charm in two walk/trot tests in the indoor arena, tests A and B - she was nervous in the arena by herself, but again I was very impressed and pleased with her effort - and her effort was enough to get her a first place ribbon and a second! 
It was a great day overall - *Sandman showed well also - it was only his second time ridden in First Level and he got a second and a fourth - so I was happy with all the results!
It was difficult to get photos in the indoor arena, but I did get a few off the video we took, all attach them here - hopefully better ones will be coming from the next show which will be outside.
Standing Curly Sporthorse Stallion *Sandman's Magic


  1. Hooray for you!! What a brave girl to put aside her nerves and get some ribbons!!
    - Donna

  2. Congratulations!! Inspite of all the newness, she sure came through it wonderfully! What a good girl! Also VERY neat about Sandman, wow. I give you alot of credit showing a stallion, Shelly. What a great promotion for the curlies, thank you for getting them out there and being such a great example!!

  3. Congratulations, Shelly! Charm is just gorgeous and you did a great job with her.


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