Sunday, March 7, 2010

What a fantastic ride today! Beautiful weather! We headed up Back Street and out into the sapling field again. Put a heck of a scratch into Harold’s favorite saddle, but he will be relieved to know that the pink saddle blanket is ok. Whew!
Discovered someone is harvesting the pine forest. AhD usually doesn’t like piles of logs, but he didn’t mind these.
Trotted and cantered and sauntered around, and then went on another snowed-in trail. My pony was characteristically….GOOD!!!! :) Came off of that trail, trotted down the road and took another trail. We crossed this stream, which was much deeper than I thought. I felt like Betsy Lirakis!! Very brave and adventurous! Further on down the trail, I could tell AhD was noticing something up ahead, and then he spooked at some turkeys flying off very noisily. Ian caught us mid-spook, and I get a heck of a kick out of this picture because look how AhD’s tail is right up in the air! How cute is that! I even love him when he is spooking. (well, afterwards, when I am still in the saddle, anyways) There was tons of deer sign in the woods. We looped around in the woods and came out a few miles from home. Beautiful scenery, I thought. And so refreshing in the woods.
Headed back, we did a lot of trotting on Back Street, and we got in a really nice canter on the skidder road, too. What fun! Once home, I took a few turns around bareback, and smelled ummm ummm good that sweaty AhD smell. We had a blast today!

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