Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Good Times!

For a meant to be showery day, we had a beautiful and sunny afternoon. One which I had off!!! So, of course after chores it was time to ride!! I couldn't be bothered lugging the saddle over so on went the bareback pad. We tried the field that borders the current cow pasture but it is still too wet so I took him to the front field that the horses summer in. Usually this is a big issue because it is somewhat up the driveway and our horses are glued together!! With minor "yes you will" on my part Linus smoothly walked into the field. We stopped every time he started to get wound a bit. Made me realise, Linus is very crap at being sudden!! There's loads of cues before he even knows he's going to do it. But that's ok with me - surprises on horseback aren't always good. Especially with a 4 year old horse!
After one trip around the bottom half of the pasture I made him whoa and back at the gate. No rushing the gate with me mister! Then we did a second, larger trip around. When he thought he'd turn back I made him 2 tight circles and that was that. We came calmly out and then trotted once on the laneway. I've really come to enjoy trotting bareback. It's not a big day - especially compared to what some of you have been up to. But for me to accomplish this bareback, with a bitless bridle and a young horse just makes my day!! And definitely deserving of some fresh, new grass!
Lovin' my big, red oaf!!
Donna and Linus
Lunenburg, ON
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  1. You show him who's the leader in the partnership, Donna!!!!!! Way to go! Glad you are getting out there with our favorite smoothcoat. He looks nice and shiny.


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