Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hobble Hobble...

Owa. That's me. After a nasty fall a week ago (it happens), I'm hobbling about. Despite that I'm still working in the roundpen and riding. It's something in the hip/ishias nerve. I'm ok as long as I don't have to sit tightly to a jumpy horse (as I did today briefly with all the snow avalanches off roofs going on around us). Yes, we still have snow, the roundpen is still under water. It's been a really long, drawn out wet slushy winter here this year. Regardless, Lark got some work in the roundpen yesterday (which she needed, since she's in a box stall and gave a really good show of hop skip and a jump, buck the first few rounds) and also today, and a trail ride both days. Today, she was relaxed and her normal easy going self. And, ZZ Diamond Rain, from our breeding who is here for a while being retrained, got some work today also in the roundpen. Diamond was not trained by us, and has had some issues (a novice used a famous training method which sometimes goes arye when not done properly). Diamond has had some time off due to weather, but is in an open stall so is outside, however she has sometimes issues when someone sets the alpha position. So, we worked on that today, with lots of squealing and kicking and bucking at first. She took a while to settle down, with me gently asking her from the ground to free lunge, to change direction and me not getting worked up, just steady and firm in the middle hobbling about. Eventually, we got lots of licking and chewing and a nice quiet walk and a quiet horse, gentle work to settle her down and get her safe. We then saddled up for a nice ride. The hip only started to kill me when we rode past another horse farm, and the snow fell off the roof, and some animals in the stalls made noises through the walls. We did fine, getting off though back home I was rather stiff. Pictures soon I hope!


  1. Gee Karen, I hope you are okay? I had a hip injury a couple of years ago and the chiropractor really helped it heal.
    We need picture of all this work - and the snow of course lol - warm, sunny and about 18 degrees here today :)
    Shelly in Summerland, BC

  2. Gee thanks Shelly for your concern, and for rubbing my nose in your weather! LOL HAHAHA. I know you need a picture, but when I'm hobbling around, and my helper is driving me on to get stuff done despite my butt hurting like mad, I forget the camera. Heh. I think I'll start vlogging my rides, I want to do some self-work on my seat and that should help, then I will have lots of pictures too. I see it took you a while to get pictures up, and now that you did, you're in T-shirts! We're still in ski trousers and down jackets! :)

    Karen in Austria

  3. And, hey, why are my titles always in grey instead of orange? :)

  4. Oh, because I clicked on that post already. Doh. It's a used link. Html here I come!

  5. Hope you feel better soon, Karen! Sounds like your weather and our weather is the same; maybe ours is worse! Easter afternoon into yesterday we got about another 6 inches! I think we'll go straight from winter to summer, hopefully! Good job and working through all this hurt!


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