Monday, April 22, 2013

We're Still Here!!

Something strange yet vaguely familiar from long ago happened today...the sun came out, the sky was clear and we got into double digit temperatures!! The snow that lingers should be gone this week!! Provided we don't get any more of the darn stuff. I love it but it has its time and place - which is not the end of April!
I haven't done much with Linus recently other than groom him and love him! I got in a few round pen rides but my ribs are still very tender and I aggravated them again the other day. I was going to ride yesterday but was too sore. So I removed enough hair to cover a pony from Linus instead!
Today I set up a little obstacle course. Linus is pretty good with everything you throw at him so it is sometimes hard to challenge him. He's calm and he's a thinker. He figures out things aren't a threat then goes about seeing how fast he can take it apart etc..
So I put a rail between 2 adirondack chairs. It sat about a foot and a half off the ground. I used some pool noodles and more chairs to weave around.
This was of course after he came out of his sun coma!
We did the obstacles in hand first. Then since I just had the bareback pad on him, I used one of the chairs for a mounting block. This was new but not an issue for him!
The pool noodles were not tasty. The expression on his face at our little jump was a "what the heck is the point when I can just go around", which he did once. But when he did get big butt over it you could tell he was pleased with himself for doing so!
One thing I picked up on and was exceptionally pleased with was that when I wanted him to do something on the ground, he did it when I clucked. I cluck when I ride him and he knows it means to go forward. I was standing 8 feet away on the other side of our little jump and he was checking it out but when I clucked he immediately pricked his ears and crow-hopped over it.
What a good solid mount he's turning into!! Some say you can't train a horse with voice commands because it's not their natural language. Linus is definitely a horse that puts a huge hole in that theory!!
I'm loving reading all your posts even if I'm not always able to comment!!
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  1. I get a kick out of your pictures. What a big lug, lying there all comfy in the sun! When will you be able to ride again?

  2. Boy Donna, your horse looks to be in awesome shape!!! Can't believe you have sunshine, still looking for it here,, One fo these days it will happen, I hope you hurry and heal, be careful

  3. He was looking pretty plucky for a while Harold but I'm happy with the shape he is now in. Thanks : )
    I rode a bit bareback that day Susan. I'm pretty much day to day right now. If I'm sore I don't ride, if I'm not too bad then I do. Supposed to be a nice weekend here so hoping for a ride!


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