Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Great success at the MWHF

We had an excellent turn out this year at the Midwest Horse Fair.  Due to our great performance last year we were moved to Barn 1 which is closer to all the action.  It was so busy with traffic every day that we ran out of fliers and candy before 10:00 each day.  We had 9 Curlies there with all different colors from grey to black and all different sizes from a pony to an Andalusian cross.
Here is a link to a video (It's not the best quality as my videographer is well unexperienced)


But this blog is about my horse so Abby was the lucky lady that was chosen to demonstrate the breed this year.  I decided to give Theo a year off so I could really get him out and about before I have to take him next year.  Fingers are crossed that Abby will get pregnant so it's him or no horse as she will have the baby a few weeks prior to Fair.  We bred her AI on Thursday morning at the fair and she just stood there like it was no big deal.   
She was so laid back all weekend and loved to come out to say hi to everybody.

So how do I keep such a light colored horse so clean for 4 days....

Once her legs turn white I'll have to get creative with covering them :-)

This is the next day after the fair and a good picture of her mane... I worked hard to get it clean and it's already dirty :-(

Back to just being a trail horse.


  1. Hi Theo and Abby,
    Your movie is private on youtube so nobody can see it.....you must change that on your youtube account.

    greetings marjolein overbosch

  2. Cool! Wow, Abby does a great job gaiting, so smooth! Nice canter departure, too. And she was so calm! GREAT JOB! Who were all the other people with their Curlies? I hope she is bred, that will be exciting. :)

  3. Nine horses at MWHF!! That's fabulous!! Well done! And as if you didn't have enough to do, you bred her at the fair!! LOL!! VERY well done. Hope she takes!