Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Two Great Trail Rides in Two Days!

~Susan and Ah-D in Maine~
Sunday late afternoon, as I headed out to the barn to gather up Ah-D for a nice ride in the woods, I spied a wonderful sign of spring, a Johnny Jump-Up.  The irony of this is that it started hailing before I even reached the barn.  I ignored it, and brought Ah-D in to start stripping more of those filthy, dusty winter curls, and by the time I was done, the hail had stopped and the sun was out.
As I was saddling up, I heard a rap, rap, rapping on my barn door.  It was little Megan next door, who isn't so little anymore because she is fifth grade!  Where does the time go?  Anyway, she was holding a leash that someone dropped off in their driveway.  Can't imagine why she thought it was mine; I only have six dogs. :)  Wasn't, but that's ok, I said to her, "Hey, I'm going for a ride, do you want to come?"  She flew up to ask her dad, who was jawing with my husband (those two can TALK; I'm surprised they weren't still talking when we got back), and when he gave the ok , she raced across the road and was back in the blink of an eye, dressed and ready to go.
We brushed for a while longer.  I tacked up for her, but I won't be doing that too much longer, even though she is small for her age. I did make her untack after our ride, and she did just fine.
Stream walking out back on the trails

Listening to the peepers up ahead in that small, ice-covered pond
Me on Ah-D, Megan on Allie, and the (hopefully) pregnant Lab Willow
We had a grand time out on the trails with all the dogs running along with us.  Most of the snow is gone now.  Megan had a couple of incidences where Allie refused to go forward, and I had one where Ah-D gave me a giant spook and dart at a turkey, but other than that we had no worries.  We had our own version of the April de-spooking challenge when we passed through a gauntlet of old busses, trucks, big equipment, sand piles, tarps blowing in the wind, etc in one area.  Both horses behaved excellently.  I was proud of my sensitive gelding. :)

I put the dogs back in the pen after we were done riding the trails behind my house, and then we headed up the road to Back Street.  I think it was Megan's first time on Back Street, because when I got back I got heck from my husband who wanted to know why was I taking Megan up the road!!!??? and reminded me that she is not our child.  I just made non-committal noises, because I knew he was right.  In my defense, in sixth grade I was walking a mile down the road to ride the Standardbred farm racehorses bareback with a halter and lead, but I knew better than to argue with him.  Besides, like I said, he was right. :)  We horsewomen are a crazy bunch.
We had fun up on Back Street.  I practiced gaiting Ah-D and she practiced keeping her balance at the trot and not hanging on by Allie's mouth.  It's hard, remember that?  We made it back in one piece with happy horses.  Ah-D is always very affectionate, but Allie is generally standoffish (he is not a Curly), but he was seeking attention from Megan, so that was fun to watch.
Later that evening, I brushed the horses again before I fed up, and when I brushed Allie, Ah-D put his head right over Allie's back and stuck his nose in my face for a kiss.  What a special horse I have.  I just love him to bits, and I like to think he kind of likes me, too.  

Monday after work, I now have a standing riding date with my friend Terry.  Last night, we headed down the road and went most of the way to Marshall Pond.  The sun brought all kinds of pedestrians out of the woodwork, and I think it caused drivers to be more considerate of us riders.  THAT was nice! It was early spring weather, the kind that is plenty toasty if you are in the sun but pretty chilly if you are riding quietly along wooded paths. I tucked my hands inside my hoodie.   It is so beautiful down on those Hebron Academy cross country trails, and the cedar trees make me smile.  Both Allie and Ah-D were such good boys!  We just meandered along, many times not talking, sometimes just speaking kind words to our horses.  Terry and I both have busy lives, and we need this time to refresh and rejuvenate our souls.  It was...awesome. :)

We didn't get the whole way to Marshall Pond.  Allie was walking right along, but still, his mosey is slower than Ah-D's mosey.  Maybe next week we will make it all the way there.  At any rate, it didn't matter one whit to us.  We made it back at dusk, so I am really glad I decided to turn around when I did - perfect timing.  Terry brought treats for those two wonderful guys, and they were very appreciative.  It is so nice to ride with someone who cares about your horses as much as you do.  
Terry on Haffie Allie, me and Ah-D out on the Marshall Pond trails

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  1. Susan, I am jealous of your weather, we are supposed to get another six to eight inchs tonignt and tomorrow, It looks like you guys had a great ride and AhD is a trusty steed,When are you gonna let him sleep in the house??? Awesome countryside, stay alert on the road,


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