Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Curly Foster George ( Two-Two) bomproof!

I have not been working with George as often as I should. Just so many hours in a day and so many horses to work with.
but since we had the "make your horse bomproof" mini challenge we did our best.
Boy did he do well, so much better than I hoped for.
He will make such a great family, trail what ever you want him to do horse.
This boy wants to please you want to work with you and do within his ability to do what you ask him to do.
I could not been more proud today.!

Marion Hidden Cave Ranch, KY
Fosterhome of George.


  1. Great job George and Marion! George is so lucky to have you Marion. I hope he finds his own personal person soon.

  2. Wow yes, the Kansas 5 are really cool :) Great job!

    1. They are Peter, each and every one of them has his own specialty. All great Curly's.

  3. WOW!! Such an amazing process to watch these guys go from feral horses to wonderful companions!! Curlies rock!

  4. Way to go Marion!!! KUDOS to you! You worked so hard and it looks like it paid off! I agree with everyone..your horses look amazing and Moose is precious! I am so grateful for all you are doing with these horses in need!!! Yay!!!

  5. Great job - George looks like a horse with a huge heart. You can really see in the pictures that he just wants to do the right thing. I love his expression in the last one!


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