Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Finally working together :))))))

I know I have not posted in awhile, but you can also blame that on an incredibly long winter. Lakota and I have continued working together throughout the winter just to keep her in check, so I don't have to spend time doing refreshers when the nice weather gets here. Well, my plan worked!! We had a beautiful 70 degree sunny small breeze day and the ground was actually DRY. Lakota and I picked up right where we left off. Communication. On our small little rides throughout the winter, we both learned a lot about each other. I think they were a very important step in our journey together. Each time I could pick out at least one thing I need to do next time. Even if I still wasn't sure what it was I at least left with some kind of feeling, whether good or bad. So I think that is good, and much better that just repeating the same thing every time and not learning anything or coming away with anything at all. So, yesterday was this gorgeous day and we had a gorgeous ride!! Of course, not much was asked of her, but it was what I had been working towards since the beginning. Lakota is definitely learning how I feel and I am learning how she feels. We are beginning to understand each other finally! I even feel more at home on her, she is more of a pleasure to ride, and I understand her reactions to things and just more of how she thinks. We both had a lot of fun!!

Also I will be posting about Jen more this month because she is blind so I can post more about our groundwork together.

-Amanda, Lakota, & Jen


  1. Without your coat on, poor Lakota looks HUGE! Hopefully we can start some trot work soon and try to work some of that off her. :-)

  2. I love that mare. She is so pretty!
    Good job Amanda...and hey a little winter fat who cares ;-)

  3. Wow, Amanda, it sounds like you and Lakota are really connecting. Keep working with her and still will be your best Curly friend.
    Angie in Texas

  4. Thanks! and I am so excited to progress with her!

  5. You two look so relaxed and in tune with each other.

    1. Finally! But totally worth it!


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