Wednesday, April 10, 2013

9 more days!

Well the title says it all.  I have 9 more days until the Midwest Horse Fair.  I haven't had alot of time to focus on our April Challenge or blog for that matter.  I'm just getting everything ready for the fair.  This year there will be 9 horses ranging from a small pony, medium pony, average horses, to a Friesian cross.  Tons of color and disiplines so we are super excited.

I've been riding Abby outside to get her used to more sights and sounds.  This will be her first year going without Theo but she has gone other places alone.  She will most likely be bred during the fair as well so that should be exciting.  I washed her mane on Monday and the little stinker proceeded to lay right down in the sand and rub her entire mane in it as soon as I put her back. 

Theo and I have been bonding over our endurance training.  Unfortunately he seemed a little off yesterday but I think it may just be strained muscles due to riding in some thick sand.  The vet will be coming out again soon so I can have her take a look.  Prior to his soreness we did a 7 minute mile which is right on target for the pace I'd like to ride at on our first endurance ride.  It's not super fast but a good steady pace for us.  We rode outside on a very windy day.  I have to admit I was a little nervous with the wind, cars, cows, other horses, and the fact I hadn't ridden him in a week.  But the lessons I've been taking with Brad have helped me focus Theo's attention and he gets right to work once we start some of the exercises.  It was great!  On Monday I turned him out with out his blanket for the first time.  He followed proper turn out procedures by rolling right away but then he got up and cantered up to me!  It was so cute!

Once again no pics sorry!

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