Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lovely Ride Last Night

~Susan and Ah-D in Maine ~    I had such a lovely ride last night after work!

Ok, ok, I'm giving you all a late April Fool's Day joke, but oh, man...these days are coming!  This picture was taken last year when a bunch of new friends took their horses down the old railroad bed to the metropolis of Buckfield, population 350. :) 

Ok, now back to the real story, yes, there is still some snow in the woods in big patches, but not everywhere anymore!  The more open places where the sun shines in are leafy or muddy.
I had great company on this ride, my friend Terry.  We are going to try to make Monday nights our weekly night to ride after work.  I am really looking forward to that.
Here we are, out on the powerline, where the early evening sun is now strong enough to slant in a lovely glow.  Soon there will be leaf buds on the trees, and we have about a month's gap before the black flies hit. We discussed this.  I think I am more optimistic about the arrival date of the black flies then Terry is, but she is too polite to contradict me and tell me I am dreaming.  She is nicer than me.  I would just flat out lay it on her if that's what I thought, ha ha!
I think I need to take a trip to Vermont right about then.  Vermont has no black flies...and, what's up with THAT, anyway?
Here are two signs of spring for you.  This one I know you will all recognize; this is part of the pile of hair I slicked out of Ah-D before last night's ride.

And here are some Canada Geese I spotted in a nearby field on the way to work yesterday.
It was getting dark by the time we wrapped up.  What an awesome time we had tooling around the Maine woods.  Planning on playing some April Games later this week.


  1. That's a good idea about a weekly ride with a friend! I thought black flies were everywhere in the north! That's my lesson for the day. Maybe we all should take a vacation to Vermont during black fly weather! Looking forward to your April games. Don't know that I'm going to make any this week. Supposed to s**w again in a couple days! What the heck!

  2. ohhhh so jalous about the place you live in!beautifull rides.........can't wait to move my horses to my own house and ride into the woods!

  3. Thanks for the little joke I really enjoyed it! At first I was like wow it's really spring over there...then I scrolled down. It's starting to look more like your first picture here everyday.

  4. Oh Susan, I think nature has spoiled you!!!! Looks to have been a nice day or evening for a ride, Did you see any signs of Big foot???