Tuesday, April 30, 2013

season's already started!

Our season has started on the 14th april on a AQHA show with my 4 years old quarter horse mare Juanita. We were three times placed on the third place and i was proud as hell 'cause she's under saddle since last october and it was her first show. 

But last saturday was the first show with my curly, Jondra Lunar Flare called Blössy. 
She really proved that wshe deserves the "world's favorite show curly horse" title, 
because we won the youth reining class!

She did it really good and wasn't as nervous as last year at the shows. 

 In the western riding class, one of the heaviest (with seven flying lead changes in a very short time) i had to compete against the adults because most of the youth riders can't do this class. 

We we're on the fifth place as the best youth partcipant and i was very proud.

I'm looking forward to the ninth may, our next show!

I hope it will be great too! :)

Greeting froms Switzerland

Juanita at her first show

the prizes from Blössy 



  1. Congratulations, you did wonderfully!

  2. What a fantastic first outing! Good for you for stepping it up and going in the adult classes as well! Best of luck on the 9th!