Monday, April 22, 2013

Our Big Weekend

I know I haven't been blogging anything at all lately cause I haven't been able to do much as our weather here in Minnesota is really begining to STINK! Snow, rain, more snow etc.  So our horses all all knee deep in mud and water, litterally.  I see all you guys with green grass and dry places to ride, just hope we get to see that soon too other than snow and mud.  Well this weekend Marley and I took off to our annual Mounted patrol clinic up north.  We left early to beat yet another wonderful snow storm.  I have kinda saved doing all my obstacles for this month until this clinic as I have no where to do them even at home.  Our drive is either full of ice and snow or mud and water too.  So we where able to get inside for a few classes but others where held outside.  The obstacles they had there where WONDERFUL!  Everything from a bubble machine, smoke machine, air horn, walking on a mattress, a duck pond litterally with little yellow duckies in it, etc. There where so many things we did I can't even list them all, or I could but I don't know that you would want to read the list :)  We also competed in a horsemanship class and equitation.  Those two we didn't do so good at as the wind was wicked as you can see in the picture with us and the flags that the plastic they had over the doors kept snapping and I couldnt get Marley to focus on me.  But over all we battled the elements and did take home Second place in the basic Obstacle class yesterday!  Yaaahhhh Marley!  I was so happy :)  Well hope we get some sun and warmer weather soon cause I want to get some riding in, 6 months of winter is really begining to wear on a person.

Sorry,  I can't get the pictures to come up but maybe someday I can get them on here :(

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  1. Oh, Dana, Ol' Man Winter has really been cruel to you and Harold this year. I hope and pray you get some better weather soon. Sorry to make you jealous with my posts, if I am...


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