Wednesday, April 24, 2013

the big change

I dont have pictures yet, they will follow later!

Cinderella and Bucky are slowely getting used to there new stables...
the weather is perfect now so they can go outside for a couple of hours...
I put them outside at 10 O' clock, at 1 'O clock they are getting nervous and want to go inside to the stables...cinderella is verry tired and goes to sleep inside her stable....strange horses...
so today I brushed them ( took my time for both off them and) let them run around in circle's
and now theye are standing outside in the field....and eating grass...the look relaxt...I hope they will stay that way for the next 2 hours!
we all have to find our way in this big changement.....
so next time I show you pictures.....sorry....its hard to make pictures whene you are alone!

greetings marjolein
bucky and cinderella


  1. Love reading your posts Marjolein! I may not comment much but I read all of them and am so glad you are part of the contest this year. Great job with your horses and new Bucky!

  2. Hi denise,
    Thanks I am also verry happy to join the contest...I do think because off facebook a lot off people don't join this contest anymore or is this just a erong thought off me???

    they can give all there comment on facebook.....I don't know for sure but it is just so quiet on this contest.....I didn't join earlier contests but I was reading all the story's and it looked to me there where more people on the contest........but thank you to make this contest possible!

  3. Hi Marjolein....there are 75 or so participants in the RAC. The most we had was 101 in 2011. Every year there are a handful of those that love to blog and do so on a regular basis. Others never do. In 2011, I gave extra points for those that blogged and also commented and they won a prize at the end of the year. In trying to keep things simpler I didn't do that this year. The difference between this blog and facebook is that the whole idea behind the RAC is to promote the curly to the public. This blog attracts more than 1,000 visitors per month and 35 countries! There is no way to reach that many people on facebook. By checking the live feed to the right you will see regular visitors. They may not post comments, but people ARE reading your posts and learning about the curly through your experiences. So don't get discouraged! This blog comes up quickly in google search when people are just wanting specific information due to the great content. By posting you are promoting! And this blog will remain up for years to come and people can access the information about our great breed. Are you more encouraged now? =]


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