Monday, April 15, 2013

Wheather changes!

And how! All of a sudden we are melting. I've been so busy lately, and we have been working in wet and slushy sand, that it was pure pleasure to have a dry roundpen and get fast and furious with the work! Today Quigley was on first, as his new owner enjoyed working with him in the sunshine. When it was time to get a rider up, that was me, and we worked on a short lunge and light rein work. Then it was Billy Jack's turn. After a lovely wash and shine, BJ was in the roundpen working. I was up on him today too, with my helper holding the lunge line since it has been a while since I've ridden BJ. Both the ground work and the ride went fine. He's rusty, but that's OK. Here's a picture of him just before I got on. Of course, we get busy working with him (he is so sensitive to the aides it is just a pleasure to work with him, and one has to be very careful with the hand and legs, just the lightest touch will do!) that I forget to take pictures while I'm up :(. Next time.


  1. Karen,
    He is handsome and have a great personality. Remember Busy people get things done{:> I cant wait to see your progress with Mr. Billy Jack{:>

  2. Thanks, Angie! We will get there, I have some goals I want to get this year. He's very out of shape so for a while it will be building up muscle and getting him used to bending again. We worked again today, this time I saddled him straight away. He was very relaxed and worked rather lazily, so I had to get him moving forward more. He's a bit stiff too, so I didn't do real canter work. Instead, just a step or two canter and the rest trot. I was up on him again today, but just to get him used to me being up there again. We did some bending exercises also from the saddle (I attached a lead rope to a halter beneath the bit so I wasn't on his mouth). And, that went well. He's a tad nervous, but once he saw it was me up there, he let me pet his head and all that. I have to "back" him first, so it will be a month or so before I'm really riding him again.


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