Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pony Club

Luna and Timbuktu had their first lesson together at Pony Club.  Good grief - that was so hard for me.  (I kept wanting to "help" the instructor with Luna.)  My friend had to drag me out of the arena and let them get on with it - it's very hard to let your two babies grow up and be on their own!  I was so proud of them both - Luna was in control the whole time, made him go where she wanted him to go (for the most part) and even went over a tiny cross-rail.  They had a half hour lesson and then all the kids went and played out in the big arena. 
Pony Club fun - Luna has "graduated" up from our grey overgrown mini to Timbuku.  My other daughter, Bella, is riding Podo the mini.  Timbuktu is leading the pack of ponies!
I had another lesson too - but I don't have any pix from that lesson and it wasn't nearly as cute as watching kids on ponies going over small logs......   :)


  1. Luna must be a good rider to ride a big horse like timbuktu.......
    My daughters are also at a pony club to learn horse ryding, a couple off months ago the teacher wanted to speak to me and told me that I have to quit (stop)telling the kids what to do! she is the teacher not me! hihihi so I understand your feelings......but this summer I trie to teach them my self!

  2. Wow, Luna does great to control such a large horse for her as Timbuktu. Loved the pictures and the story. Maybe you could use binoculars next time to watch your kids have a lesson. That way, you will be too far away to be a Mother Hen, but you will get to watch. :) Me, I don't particularly like teaching my kids how to ride, and I wish I had had someone else to do it for me!


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